Merchant Terms and Conditions


Studio Visual Collective Entertainment Production, OPC
Terms and Conditions for Merchants

BOOTH PLACEMENT AND ALLOCATION - measurements shown on the floor plan is based on the final venue where the event will be held. Organizers may adjust according to agreements with venue partners. Notifications about changes will be provided to the merchants should it apply. 

Allocation of booths once paid is final. Reservation of booths will run on a “first payment, first to reserve” basis. All materials and any other promotional materials and customizations by the merchant shall be shouldered by the merchant and will only be placed within the confines of the allocated booth except and unless specified by the Organizer. 

Sub-letting of the space is not allowed. Co-Sharing booths are only allowed for specific types or individual sellers and only a maximum of two (2) brand/sellers may share a booth. 

Plastic bags are prohibited as packaging for merchant items. Please follow the city ordinance regarding the use of plastic bags. Alternative packaging is allowed. 

BOOTH SET-UP PROVISIONS - merchants will be provided a standard booth set-up based on the final and approved design layout. An electrical provision of 300 watts will be given for every booth. Should the merchant require more than 300 watts for their booth, they may request it at Additional charges may apply. 

Merchant staff must wear their event ID at all times. Names of the merchant’s manpower should be submitted to the Organizer prior to the event. 

Merchants are obligated to keep their space clean and sanitized at all times. Decorations should be limited within the provisions of the booth.

OPERATIONAL HOURS - merchants shall open and close based on the specified event operational hours. Merchants should be ready within at least one (1) hour prior to event opening to avoid any late fees. Booths that are not open within four (4) hours on the day of the event will be considered an abandoned booth and any fees paid will be non-refundable. 

ITEMS SOLD AT THE EVENT - The Organizer has the right to reject any Pirated CDs/DVDs/Blu-Ray items intended to be sold at the event. The Organizer will not be held liable for any licensing issues caused by the intended items to sell at the event. The merchant has full responsibility to seek licensing or permission to sell requests from their rightful license owners. 

Fan art is allowed but can be sold in moderate amounts (less than 1,000 units). 


Merchants are responsible for their local taxes and permits imposed by the local government. The Organizer shall not be held liable for the payment of these taxes especially related to the sale of goods during the event. 


Full Payment - merchants need to complete their payment based on the specified payment schedule of the organizer. Payments for booths are non-refundable and failure to complete payments will not be able to retrieve back their deposit and other payments made. 

The merchant must only pay through the authorized payment channel as prescribed by the Organizer. Any payment links not provided by the Organizer are unauthorized and Organizer will not be held responsible for losses and liabilities. 

Security and Bonds 

A security deposit of Php 800 for dry goods, merchandise, etc. While a security deposit of Php 2,000 for food concessionaires (with cooking equipment). 

Security deposits will be refunded after the event should there be no breakages or damages incurred by the merchant during the event. 

If the merchant damages any part of the venue and property, any fines will be deducted from the security deposit. Any excess will be collected separately by the Organizers. 


All staff, merchants and bazaar goers are expected to maintain safety protocols at all times and maintain all minimum safety protocols against COVID-19 as indicated by the LGU and/or IATF guidelines. 


Once a merchant requests to cancel its participation from the event, their deposits and other initial payments will not be refunded as the event follows a strict no cancellation policy. Any other charges that are on top of the rental fee such as electricity provision requests, additional tables and chairs, etc. will be charged to the merchant on top of the initial payments made. 

Relocation, Upgrades and Downgrades

Once the reservation fees have been settled, a merchant may not downgrade or relocate without prior discussion and approval of the Organizer. Additional fees or refundable fees depending on the restructured agreement will depend on the final outcome of the discussion. To upgrade booth spaces, merchants may send an email to and any additional costs incurred must be settled at least within seven (7) days prior to the event. 


Organizers shall assume no liabilities in the case that the event should be cancelled, rescheduled or postponed due to war, pandemic, outbreak, Acts of God or other unforeseen circumstances. It is the Organizers’ right and responsibility to reschedule the event at a later date. Merchant payments will be credited and valid for the rescheduled date.